Lakeside Lightning Leadership Update October 2020

Lakeside Lightning Leadership Update October 2020

Letter from Lakeside Lightning General Manager

Hi Lakeside,

Over the past few weeks as previously announced, we have had some significant changes in the leadership structure of the Lakeside Lightning. With the departure of Steve Bezant, we have needed to fill the WSBL Head Coaching position, as well as the President of Lightning.

I am really excited about what lies ahead for 2021 and beyond with our new leadership structure. Effective immediately, in addition to his MSBL coaching duties, Dave Daniels will be taking on the role of Head Coach of the WSBL, with Mike Wright moving into the position of senior assistant coach. During this time Dave will be putting a heavy focus on coaching development.

I am also pleased to announce that a long time Lakeside Lighting player, and club legend, Jarrad Prue will be taking on the position of Lakeside Lighting President. Following this letter is an introductory letter from Jarrad.

As a club, we feel these changes put a strong focus on coaching development, as well as a real strong strategic focus to ensure we continue to grow as a club while not losing sight of our core Lakeside values.

Thank you,

Matt Plenty

General Manager – Lakeside Lightning.

Letter from New Lakeside Lightning President

Hi, Lakeside community,

Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thank you to Steve and those who came before him for the years of hard work that have gone into building such a successful program, both on and off the court. When I first started playing basketball at Lakeside I had no idea the impact it would have on my life, for which I will be forever grateful.

Winning games of basketball is great however from my perspective the true measure of success for any team or club is how do you make the lives of people better and the relationships you are able to build along the way.

I am now in a fortunate position to see how the club is impacting not only my life but the lives of those around me, including Emma, James and Zoe and am honoured to be moving into this new role.

I am excited for the journey ahead and working with you all to help Lakeside not only maintain its position as an elite basketball program but to continue impacting the lives of those both within and beyond its community.


Jarrad Prue