Get Your Game On

Being in isolation at home does not mean that you need to stop practicing your basketball skills. Coach Dave and the team will be releasing a series of videos with basketball drills that you are able to do in your backyard or driveway so that you can keep active and continue to improve your skills during this time of isolation.

Video 1: Ball Handling Drill 1

Bonus Video : Agility with Lakeside Lightning player Jack Isenbarger

Video 2: Shooting Drills

Video 3: Passing

Video 4: Handles with Kyle

Video 5: Beat the Pro shooting game

Video 6: Ball Handling with a tennis ball

Video 7: Ball Handling with a tennis ball part 2

Video 8: Post Finishing

Video 9: San Antonio Spurs 32 point game

Video 10: 2 Ball Handling

Video 11: Chris Paul’s Shooting Drill